Herb's Aromatherapy Inhalers

Of all your five senses, your sense of smell is the fastest way to reach your brain. When you inhale an essential oil, the benefits are almost instantaneous!  In your nose are smell receptors that respond to scents. These receptors send chemical messages along the nerve pathways to your brain’s limbic system, also known as your “emotional brain.”  Your limbic system controls many basic functions: your breathing, heart rate, memory, stress levels, and even your hormones. It’s intimately involved with your moods and emotions.  When your limbic system or your “emotional brain” is stimulated by the scent of an essential oil, it can have profound effects on your mind and body.  Scents can invoke memories, stimulate feelings, and arouse your senses.

However, with essential oils, it’s important to note that your olfactory system isn’t just limited to your nose… Certain essential oils can be absorbed through your nasal cavity and through your bronchial tract and lungs.  All these “fast track” delivery systems help explain how your body – and your brain – can respond so quickly to a calming or invigorating essential oil scent!

THESE AMAZING PRODUCTS,  researched and developed by Herbs Holistics, IS ONLY SURPASSED BY THE ALL NATURAL PHYTOCHEMICALS CREATED NATURALLY IN HERBS. There is SO much research being done regarding the efficacy of aromatherapy~ post surgical nausea, anxiety reduction, alzheimers studies, sleep studies, the list goes on- to carvacrol relaxing muscles as well as having antimicrobial properties… It has all been here, all along….. Plant Medicine. Herb’s Aromatherapy Inhalers~ Portable Aromatherapy. Carry your Calm.

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