BUZZ OFF Bugs Pray- Brings Bugs to their Knees!

Buzz OffThrough extensive research and testing, Herbs Holistic has developed a DEET free proprietary blend of Essential Oils and supportive compounds making this an effective, long-lasting Natural Bug Spray which repels:
mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, and fleas- In an antimicrobial base of Colloidal Silver- Making this a superior Insect Repellent Spray- Another great River Rot Rx product from Herbs Holistics.
Enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive! Bug Away Repellent Spray keeps bugs away, using only organic, natural ingredients such as organic lemongrass and citronella, well known for their safe and effective bug repellent properties. Non-toxic, DEET free, non-chemical, hypoallergenic formula repels fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies. The secret of natural bug protection is frequent reapplication and the scent. A wonderful alternative to toxic bug repellent chemicals as DEET.

Lemon Eucalyptus
Oranic Sulfur (MSM)
Stearic Acid (Organic Virgin Coconut Oil)
White Mineral Oil
Colloidal Silver (visit this separate listing for more information)

Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellant SprayLEMON EUCALYPTUS:

Lemon eucalyptus or PMD showed a “remarkable ability” to repel mosquitoes when compared to DEET, the most popular synthetic commercial insect repellent today. DEET has been documented to cause serious adverse effects, especially in children.

When it was tested on humans in Tanzania, PMD gave complete protection from biting for between six to 7.75 hours. Compared to DEET, there was no significant difference in efficacy and duration of protection when used against the Anopheles mosquito, the chief malaria vector in Africa. Other studies have also demonstrated its protection against the biting midge, deer tick, and the stable fly.

Burning the leaves of the lemon-scented gum eucalyptus tree has therefore been shown as a cost-effective means of household protection, alongside the use of mosquito nets, in sub-Sahara Africa. (Pretty Impressive)


Insecticide: Cedarwood oil has been in use as a mosquito and insect repellant for a long time. When used in vaporizers, it drives away mosquitoes, flies and other insects in a large area around the house. It is regularly sprinkled on pillows or sheets at night so mosquitoes and other similarly irritating bugs and pests are driven away while you sleep.

Picaridin resembles the natural compound piperine, an essential oil in black pepper. Lemon eucalyptus oil and picaridin are not actual repellents; they primarily work by masking the environmental cues that mosquitoes use to locate their target. Side effects of both picaridin and lemon eucalyptus include potential skin or eye irritation, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states picaridin should not be used on children under age 3. Still, they’re both likely FAR safer than DEET!

Sometimes no matter how much we try to protect ourselves we will still get bit. So how can you stop the itch or the pain?

• Apply lavender or tea tree essential oil directly to the insect bite.
• Apply apple cider vinegar to the bite
• Rub the affected area with a lemon slice
• Dip a chilled already brewed chamomile tea bag to the bite to soothe to reduce inflammation.
• Hold an ice cube on the bite.
• Create a paste of water and baking soda and apply directly to the area
• A slice of onion has been known to immediately remove pain when applied to insect bites

DEET issues: