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Herbs FOCUS Inhaler: $10.95
Infused with Lavender and Rosemary, this combination is said to be synergistic in increasing cognitive function when inhaled.  Great for school, work or any other time you need to focus.



Herb’s TONIC Inhaler: $9.95
Primed with Clary Sage, this inhaler proves to be a great overall tonic- relieving anxiety, pain and muscle cramping issues. Also helps with chronic fatigue, digestive and respiratory issues. Clary Sage is a great overall tonic to carry with you wherever you go!

Herb’s RELAX Inhaler:  $10.95
Loaded with Lavender and Frankincense, this combination relaxes and uplifts emotionally and spiritually~ providing a full bodied calm and peace with just a whiff of this easy to carry everywhere inhaler. Lasts for months!


Herb’s ANTIMICROBIAL Inhaler:  $13.95image-4
Soaked in Wild Oregano, Eucalyptus, and Lemon Oil; this inhaler offers germ busting power of these antimicrobial oils straight to your sinus cavity! What a great inhaler to have during the cold and flu season!  Fight those germs before they have a chance to multiply! Carry this inhaler with you during cold and flu season.