hh vistaprint logo black croppedI am here to invite you on an exciting journey of app development. Herbs Holistics has been serving up herbal and other holistic products for a couple of years now. I have researched and developed each product, creating all the products we offer to you.


Keeping up with demand is somewhat rigorous, as the inventory to have supplies on hand, and equipment to create, package and label is huge. I feel that people recognize the brand and logo- an original design … and currently purchase product from a select few local shops, as well as an online ETSY shop….and of course, face to face by way of public events. Herbs Holistics is a Cottage Industry.

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I have come to realize, selling product is not really my thing, but research, education and helping people to “BE INDEPENDENTLY HEALTHY” is. Hence, the development of YOUR BIG FARMACY.

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YOUR BIG FARMACY was developed to teach people how to grow their own medicine. You don’t have to order finished product from Herbs Holistics, or be beholding to any store…. But you CAN GROW YOUR OWN herbal remedies, or create your own product with dried herbs….. If you don’t want to go to that trouble, you have the option to order finished product from vendors we trust, to relieve your condition, at your fingertips.

Our app makes all this information easily accessible, as well as the ability to order grow supplies, dried herbs, supplies to produce your own product- or simply order a finished product.

The APP functions as this.

Input your condition, receive a list of herbal/natural remedies, information on health SP pill-medical-capsule-shape-decorative-leaves-illustration-87774771benefits, access to grow requirements for each herb, and the SHOP NOW function to access any supplies, seeds, dried herbs, to produce your own product- OR – order an already finished product, from a vendor we trust.

Being able to access herbal remedy/relief information per your condition- and being able to purchase or create your own… THAT is a worthwhile application. After polling many people, I have come to believe this app could start out great, and keep growing- as there are multitudes of natural health options to be researched. (Pets, Babies…Frequency Healing per condition with Sound…)

Would you like to learn more about gaining equity in this app development? Please send me your contact information, and I will schedule a call with the other part of this development team, the financial advisors and the tech team.

SP reduced herb vs med-1The ultimate in BE INDEPENDENTLY HEALTHY, would be to grow your own medicine. Certainly, access to this type of information, or any DIY medicine information, brings everyone closer to being able to use herbal and natural remedies as a first line of defense against disease. I believe this is a great tool to be used worldwide- as many people do not have access to conventional medicine, or would prefer going natural.

Ground Floor Opportunity to Invest in a progressive endeavor that supports the development of helping people become INDEPENDENTLY HEALTHY, has arrived. You can be a COFOUNDER of this amazing, liberating, Herbal Health App.

Join us on our journey. If you know anyone else who may like to join in, please feel free to share this little newsletter.

Thanks for your time, and hope to receive your contact info – and schedule a call with the rest of the team. I would love to hear what you think- so please leave comments!



We solve the time consuming information search PROBLEM faced by people seeking to use HERBAL REMEDIES as a first line of defense against DISEASE CONDITIONS.

We are building something that will allow people to input their condition, and access a list of SPECIFIC HERBS proven effective in relieving the condition,as well as access to purchasing prepared products or D.I.Y. with dried herbs,”Grow Your Own” information complete with product purchasability and related supplies.

The first users will be drawn from a diverse crowd. Herbs Holistics customers, Health Professionals, Entrepenurial types, Environmental Scientists, ANY PARTY AFFILIATION welcome!, Pet Owners- (shhh…the add on), Basically, people interested in beta testing a product of this nature. Wanting to become a COFOUNDER would be great!**


For Investment details, CONTACT:                                                       For questions regarding the app, CONTACT:

Thanks for reading, your interest and support!